Bored of an evening? You need the new app that features everything that’s happening in Manchester

From pub quiz to SU club, Line-Up is the definitive guide to having fun in Manchester.

Do you ever feel like you’re not taking advantage of Manchester’s endless supply of things to do?

A new app claims to stop this problem forever – by giving users their own personalised event listings.

3 Line-Up venue profile

Line-Up is a “what’s on” iPhone app which automatically collects details of every event in Manchester into a single Twitter-style stream, meaning you can ignore those painful Facebook notifications from promoters.

The app is being targeted at Manchester students initially and they’ve signed up all the big venues, including Sound Control, Deaf Institute and Gorilla.

1 Line-Up home stream

Uniquely the app’s stream of events is ordered by the date on which they are announced making users safe from the agony of realising that a concert has sold out before they’ve even heard of it.

The events live feed can be supplemented by following suggestions from bloggers, critics or local heroes who recommend the best ways for followers to spend their time and the user can also choose to “follow” their favourite venues and never miss out again on that last-minute gig or impromptu event.

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Line-Up CEO Barnaby Clark said: “Manchester has been overlooked on the app scene prior to now, which is a shame as it’s such a vibrant and exciting city with a large student population. Many students come to Manchester with no prior knowledge of the city and all it has to offer. Line-Up is going to set that straight by bringing everything the city has, together in one place.

“There are so many exciting things going on in Manchester for students: think of venues such as Manchester Academy or Sound Control. Line-Up celebrates all these amazing venues and more, and caters for every taste.”

The app is available on itunes here.