Flight Outbursts Land MMU Student in Jail

He swore at passengers and swung from the seats.

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A Man Met student has been jailed for his threatening behaviour on a flight to Ibiza.

What a tank – him and his pecs are now in jail

Kyle Bent was first arrested in July for swearing at passengers, swinging from seats during landing and threatening cabin crew whilst on a Thomas Cook flight from Manchester.

When a stewardess tried to calm him down, the 25 year old apparently shouted at her: “Your breath stinks, stop talking to me little girl”.

And after a passenger tried to intervene, he yelled “Look at what you’re wearing, you look like a grandad. Watch what you’re saying”.

From party rocking to prison rioting

In the last week, Bent has been sentenced to 10 weeks in jail for these actions.

“Your behaviour on a flight full of passengers terrified everybody”, chairman of the court bench Anne Evans told him.

Certainly not the smartest way to end a lads’ holiday.