Manchester the scene of mass protests against government cuts

Over 50,000 people rallied outside the Conservative Party Conference

Protesters turned out in full force in Manchester city centre for the Conservative Party Conference this weekend.

These guys preferred to remain Anonymous

Over 50,000 people took to the streets on Sunday afternoon, expressing hatred for government cutbacks and the NHS being privatised.

Greater Manchester police reported that no arrests were made during the protest.

Although the main march ended in the early afternoon, a small pocket of protesters stayed outside the conference entrance.

Two tories getting a lashing from the lass behind

One woman, a self-proclaimed anarchist who didn’t want to be named, was shouting her head off at the Conservative members going through the security gate.

“You people are destroying our country, this way to death and destruction,” she yelled as she ‘ushered’ them into the conference.

Her boyfriend was also taking part in the screaming, albeit a little more sarcastically.

“Hello sir, have you heard about the badger cull, sir?” he asked, getting just blank looks in response.

Another guy was with his big white (inflatable) elephant, branded with the words “Stop HS2”.

Now that’s what I call a white elephant

And towards the end, Ann Widdecombe stopped for a quick chat (see below) before she was whisked inside.

The former Conservative MP has appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, Have I Got News For You and Doctor Who.

The conference takes place until Wednesday – the day David Cameron will give his speech.