University of Manchester in the world’s top 40 universities

Proving we’re doing something right

League Table Manchester Metropolitan Rankings University

The University of Manchester has been ranked as the 33rd best in the world by the QS World University Rankings comparison site – the largest of its kind.

Prestigious universities such as Warwick (64th), LSE (68th) and Durham (90th) fell far short of Manchester’s success.

Whitworth Hall, University of Manchester

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Losing out to only six UK universities this may seem like a significant success for Manchester; however, it actually sees the university fall one place from 2012.


Are our best days behind us?

However, students of the University of Manchester can be consoled by their slight fall in form by the knowledge that, out of 700 listed Universities, Manchester Metropolitan moved from not ranked in 2012 to, remarkably, still not ranked in 2013. From this, it appears we can conclude that you don’t spell uni ‘M E T’.