Manchester from space

Putting exam stress in perspective.

Chris Hadfield Manchester Space

Deadlines getting you down? Exam stress got you feeling low? Well here’s something from way up high that should add a little light to your day. These pictures, of an intricately woven network of light beams, are of Manchester – from space!


The city we love from above

Taken by American astronaut, Chris Hadfield, the pictures were snapped from the International Space Station using super high definition camera on board.

From 70km up, Hadfield used the camera to zoom in to different parts of the Earth and snap some of the most incredible pictures we have ever seen.

We even managed to locate ourselves.

Tab from Space

The Tab finds itself, both physically and spiritually

The pictures, which were posted to Hadfield’s twitter feed, show Manchester at night depicting the incredible lighting which outlines the city.

Now how’s that for uplifting?