The Tab Guide to Exams

A step-by-step visual guide to your emotional and spiritual journey through academic testing. You’re welcome.

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Certain things inevitably occur every May. It rains constantly, contestants on The Apprentice act like twats, and exam season arrives.

While we cannot offer any advice to ease the pain of the first two, The Tab have compiled a handy guide to exams to give you a quick reminder of what to expect ,in case you still haven’t quite figured it out. You’ve only had 8-12 years of annual examinations, after all.


Two weeks before the exam:


The night before the exam:


When you realise your exam is actually in North Campus:


When someone mentions something you didn’t revise just before you go in:


Giving yourself a pep-talk in your seat:


When a phone goes off:


When they say ‘five minutes left’:


When they are taking in the papers:


Leaving the exam: