London student goes viral over grim condition of a shared £1,000-a-month flat

They got 480,000 views on a TikTok shaming male roommates over filthy rooms

While boasting about studying in London, student renters in one of the world’s most expensive cities collectively gloss over an inconvenient truth.

The atrocious amount we pay for rent? It gets us nothing more than a faulty flat with intermittent hot water and possibly half-a-dozen roommates.

But recently, an American international called Molly Wyss aired our dirty laundry by exposing the disgusting condition of a £1,000-a-month East London flat she shares with “three random stranger men” in a now-viral TikTok.

The clip, which has over 480,000 views, demonstrated every renter’s nightmare with glimpses at greasy kitchen hobs, washing machine drawers covered in grime, the floor splattered with what appears to be pubic hair, and the horrendous state of the toilet.

Not-so-subtly taking a jab at her male roommates, the fashion student wrote “I hate men I hate men I hate men” in the clip and captioned it with “can the dept of health come and evict them?”

Image credit: @mollywyss

The video started with Molly’s unimpressed face under a smiley face emoji before moving on to a slideshow no one really wants to see:

A sink covered in hair and questionable stains

A bathroom countertop that hasn’t been wiped in who-knows-how-long

A toilet more suited for throwing up than anything else

A washing machine detergent drawer that defeats the whole purpose of a washing machine

And, saving the best most disgusting for the last: the floor covered in what is apparently male pubic hair.

Many people sympathised with Molly in the comment section, saying that she should complain to the landlord, be paid by her roommates to clean the flat, or move to another area.

But what can we say? What a classic “welcome to London” to our lovely international students.

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