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Stop the Music: We spoke to the new student campaign targeting spiking in KCL nightclubs

The campaign wants to introduce a ‘new standard’ for how the uni’s venues respond to spiking and sexual assault

London student ‘nearly blinded’ after being punched on the bus by man holding keys

She allegedly waited 13 weeks for the police to take her statement after reporting the attack

London uni becomes first in UK to ban fossil fuel employers from recruiting students

Birkbeck University said it ‘will not hold relationships of any kind with oil, gas or mining companies’

Meet the King’s students who got featured on an ITV dating show

Medie and Noosh’s episode of Secret Crush aires on October 10th on ITV2

Here’re the London unis where grads are most likely to get a job or study offer

We are very sorry art students

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which London uni you should have gone to

Shout out to the brave souls who didn’t apply just so they can’t be a reject

London students grapple with money despite the city being more affordable than last year

One in five worry about homelessness while there’s been a reported ‘drastic improvement’ in living costs

Freshers and everyone else: The London Tab is looking for new writers!

Here’s how to get involved in one of the most influential young media in the U.K.

Top London unis paid via Kremlin-linked bank days after Ukraine invasion

Imperial and London Business School got more than £700k from Russian partner despite claiming to have cut ties since the war

Here’s how London unis are ranked for supporting student mental health

Many London students described their uni’s services along the lines of ‘abysmal’ and ‘non-existent’

‘Think twice about applying’: Students protest for trans rights during UCL open day

Protesters want their message to make prospectives ‘send their tuition fee money somewhere else’

Meet the London student who wore an ‘I want a refund’ banner to her graduation ceremony

Tia hopes her protest ‘will shine a light on the discussion of compensation for students during the Covid era’

Student ‘enraged and heartbroken’ to discover ‘anti-trans propaganda’ in UCL building

This was discovered two days after the 50th anniversary of Pride in London

London’s pop-up LGBTQ+ community centre to remain for five more years

‘The Centre is more than the sum of its parts, and at its core, it’s a safe space,’ said visitor

Queen Mary students ‘appalled’ by ‘incompetent’ outsourced marking

The uni was rumoured to hire Australian consultancy workers for grading during marking boycott

Goldsmiths warden claimed nearly £20k from the uni for taxi money over a two year period

UCU reveals massive personal spending by boss while staff lost jobs

UCL apologises for ‘culture of bullying and sexual misconduct’ at architecture school

‘Possibly xenophobic treatment’ of students went unpunished in Bartlett’s ‘toxic’ environment

London uni sent email ‘in error’ that appeared to reject applicant because they’re Russian

The uni said it was sent by mistake ‘due to an internal miscommunication’

‘It is isolating’: Medical students are struggling to get by on ‘unliveable’ funding

Government underfunding is failing future medics

Students at five London unis might not graduate as marking boycotts go ahead on Monday

The actions have been ‘postponed’ at KCL, Birkbeck, SOAS, and the University of Greenwich

Investigation into claims of antisemitism at the NUS starts on Monday

This comes after the government cut ties with the union over these allegations

Russell Group uni is ‘considering using external staff’ for marking during staff boycott

The uni’s UCU claims staff at an Australian consultancy may be used to grade student essays

Even without student loans, graduates face twice as much debt as those who didn’t go to uni

Starting to regret my life choices

Here’s where characters from Netflix’s Heartstopper would go to uni in the UK

You can’t NOT see Tao at UAL with that hair

Explained: What led up to the government ‘disengaging’ with the NUS and what happens next

The National Union of Students has been cut off from government funding and representation over claims of antisemitism

Here are the best music festivals coming up this summer in London

From Afrobeats to queer icons to Cardi B, there’s something for everyone

Quiz: Are you more like Nick or Charlie from Netflix’s Heartstopper?

Why can’t I be both??

London student goes viral over grim condition of a shared £1,000-a-month flat

They got 480,000 views on a TikTok shaming male roommates over filthy rooms

‘I was basically frozen out of student life’: Autistic students on their uni experiences

From socialising to job-hunting, autistic uni students share their struggles and strengths this Autism Acceptance Month

Marking boycott will hit nine London universities and may impact graduation

These unis might also see ten more days of strikes this term

Meet the London student who got Kopparberg to pay for a year of tuition with his design

Ben’s limited-edition designs of the company’s cider bottles have hit the shelves UK-wide

University of Greenwich tops all London unis for student experience

The uni came in ninth in the country and first in London based on StudentCrowd reviews

All the things you’ll know if you’re d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing at uni

‘I was allowed to ask lecturers to trim their facial hair so I could lipread them better’

Meet the students pushing for better anti-sexual violence policies at LSE

Hands Off LSE hopes their motion will bring about ‘a lasting change to the university’s support system’

‘We are here to support Freedom’: Thousands of Londoners march in solidarity with Ukraine

London’s Mayor led the city in sending ‘a unified message of support’ to mark one month of the war

‘We could potentially fail’: London students on the academic impact of strikes

Many are calling to be refunded for a continuously disrupted education

Man charged with murder of London uni student at her accommodation

The victim’s family described her as ‘the most caring and loving person we have ever known’

Arrest made following murder of 19-year-old London uni student in Clerkenwell

22-year-old Maher Maaroufe was arrested ‘on suspicion of murder and assault’

Meet the UCL Women’s Rugby squad set to bring home the trophy this season

Get ready: Here comes the girls

Here are some student-led initiatives to support Ukraine in London

Think again if you thought London students can’t do anything to help

SOAS students evicted from occupation by ‘over 40 private bailiffs’

Students were allegedly ‘harassed, intimidated, and pushed around’

UCU ‘called further waves of strike actions’ at 14 London unis in late March

There will be five more days of strikes between 21 March and 1 April

Meet the student who got ‘kicked off’ his programme at Goldsmiths after a fee strike

‘Students withholding fees seems to be the only way to force them to change’

More than 30 students occupy SOAS building in solidarity with UCU strikes

Demands include fair workplace and pay, accessibility, and removal of director Adam Habib

Protest broke out in front of UCL provost’s office over Stonewall withdrawal

The uni’s decision to pull out of diversity schemes had students protesting for trans rights

Goldsmiths places world’s first queer history degree under ‘existential threat’ this LGBT+ History Month

Two lecturers at risk of redundancy said the course ‘could not operate’ without them

‘I’m very worried’: London’s Ukrainian students on the crisis back home

International crisis is having personal consequences on some London students

Imperial leaders responsible for ‘a culture of bullying,’ independent report found

Comments like ‘one-armed black lesbian’ were allowed in ‘troubling’ workplace culture

Three London unis pledge against silencing abuse victims with NDAs

UCL, LSBU, and Goldsmiths signed the ‘Can’t Buy My Silence’ pledge

London unis to be hit with another round of strikes in February

14 London unis can see up to 10 days of staff walkout and a student strike

Meet the LSE student who just went on hunger strike for a whole week

‘I needed to take drastic action, and a hunger strike seemed like the only option to me’

One in five students use their student loan to gamble, survey suggests

‘It took over my life – I wasn’t studying, I was just sitting in my halls gambling,’ says one student

Meet the UCL students making a change for people with disabilities

From fighting for better curriculums to mentoring with lived experiences, these students are doing a lot to improve accessibility

UCL formally cuts ties with LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall after ‘temporary’ withdrawal during Covid

Leaked Academic Board paper described the charity as ‘an organisation that has a tendentious ideological approach’

I sat down with London LGBTQ+ Community Centre’s organisers before their launch

The Centre aims to be an accessible space where the community can meet ‘without having to scream over each other in a bar’

We spoke to Students’ Union UCL’s Trans Officer during Trans Awareness Week

Do you think UCL is an inclusive environment for trans people? ‘Yeah, no.’

Here are some ways you can observe Trans Day of Remembrance as a London student

‘It is important to honour our dead and reach out to our living’ during the ‘deadliest year’ for trans and gender-diverse people

London unis to be hit with three days of strikes in December

Almost of all London’s unis will see staff walk out on the first three days of next month

A LGBTQ+ Community Centre is opening in Central London next month

The six-month pop-up aims to provide ‘a safe, inclusive, sober, intergenerational and intersectional space’

This is what it’s like having ADHD as a student at UCL

Beware: Here comes the fidgeters

Take this quiz to see if you can survive a London night out without getting Covid

Covid cases are rising – Are you careful enough?

UCL launches new climate action campaign ahead of UN summit in November

‘Generation One offers everyone the chance to understand the science behind the issues facing our planet’

Here are the London uni events happening for World Mental Health Day 2021

A reminder to take care under the wraths of Covid and uni stress

How I’m navigating, or trying to survive, Freshers’ as an autistic UCL student

Freshers’ is fun, but not for all of us