We’re accepting applications for London’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette 2021

The deadline is Monday 1st November

It’s very true that London is the home of Love Island watchers, hot girl summer-goers and good-looking singles that appear on First Dates, so naturally its uni students are among a sea of bachelor and bachelorette hopefuls.

There are plenty fish of the sea in London, but some are more eligible than others, and only the general public can decide on the student that reaches the top spot. Think Bridgerton, but in the modern day, way less romantic and including messy club nights and one-night-stands.

We’re hosting the biggest London competitions of the year, to find the capital’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette. The stakes will be high, but we believe that if you guys can survive uni grind life and pint prices in London, you can survive anything.

bachelor and bachelorette comp

Find out how you can apply (or nominate a friend) for the London Tab’s most eligible singles here:

Who are we looking for?

Anyone, as long as you’re a student in London! If you think you’re a bit of a charmer and notice that people can’t help but be drawn to you, or get annoyed at your friend denying the fact they’re really fit and charismatic, you’re perfect for the job.

The more applications the better, so if you’ve got an eligible group of bachelor friends then don’t be afraid to nominate all of them. You’ll get your little bit of fame and, who knows, maybe a few DMs from some singles taking a fancy.

How can I apply?

You can email us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram (@thelondontab) with your bachelor or bachelorette application.

We’ll need your first name, uni, course and a small blurb about yourself and your interests. As a rough guide, we’d love to know how long you’ve been single for, what you look for in a partner, a favourite feature or personality trait about yourself, and any dreams or passions you have in life. The more comprehensive the better, so our voters can get to know you more!

We’ll also need a couple of photos of you, looking as eligible and single as possible. Imagine you’re creating a dating profile, except it’s also like a virtual LinkedIn CV.

The deadline for applications is Monday 1st November, so make sure you get a spot in our bachelor and bachelorette competitions before then!

bachelor and bachelorette comp

We can’t offer you a free ride through your degree, but we can definitely offer some opportunities for love to blossom this year, and of course, the title of London’s most eligible bachelor or bachelorette 2021, which is far better than both, so get applying.

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