Loop’s wholesome Year Six leavers day clubbers of the week

Feautring Mr Worldwide in his true form

It’s that time in the uni year where freshers start settling down, older students start disappearing off to the Student Centre, and everyone fits into a cute little London uni harmony, mixed with that one bender everyone goes on that, week after week, never fails to stop them attending their Thursday 9.00am – Loop.

The sports teams were out in force this week, alongside many puzzling characters wearing white t-shirts with writing on them, like a Year Six leaving day in times gone past.

We’ll never be able to fully understand the beauty of Loop, but maybe these clubbers are close to achieving enlightenment. Behold the most wholesome clubbers of the week we’ve seen in a long while since everyone went mad after lockdown:

Best tequila shooters

We all enjoy a good free tequila shot with the gang on a night out, but this perfectly timed image really captures that beauty of pure alcohol reaching students’ livers and telling them that no, this is not a good idea. Stunning. Should win some sort of award.

Coolest bouncer

We all either love or hate bouncers, depending on who lets you into the club with a student card that may or may not be your true self, and doesn’t penalise you for getting completely obliterated on the way there. But this guy looks like a solid geezer. 10 points.

Most in need of help

Not sure about you, but all I’m seeing here is a girl who is really trying to get her side of the heart right, while trying to navigate someone to finish the other. We don’t know who you are but we hope you’ve found that special someone.

Happiest group photo

I’m not sure what gives me these vibes, but I feel like we’d all want to hang out with these people. They’d be the types to rock up at 11.00pm, do some Jagerbombs, smoke some cigs, and leave peacefully by 1.30am.

Most universal costume

No one knows what the true meaning of multiple people walking round Loop looking like they’re about to get sent off to boarding school in a few weeks’ time, but it definitely is a reflection of many UCL students’ past. Good costume – I think.

Best copy and paste

This is the same man three times, and no I will not take any further questions.

Biggest vibe

This girl’s top speaks volumes, and I really want to be her friend. Maybe it’s the background Beetle, maybe it’s their nonchalance of being at a sports night – either way, it’s a huge vibe.

Mr Worldwide

I think I speak for everyone when I say that this guy stole the show this week. He is the centre of Loop’s gravity, he is the reason the DJ kept playing weird transitions, he is the reason that the light-up dancefloor still works. He’s been there done that, and I would trust this man with my life.

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