Want to understand your true persona? Your fave London train station will reveal all

We can’t all be a St. Pancras and that’s okay

Whether you were always on the move or barely left London, one big part of student life (especially before lockdown) was the wide range of train stations in London.

TfL is every London students holy grail and saviour. However, its true some stations do just have to be more elite than others. Everyone has their favourite whether its Waterloo so you can meet your significant other under the clock or King’s Cross because yes it really is THAT big.

Here is what you’re fav says about you:

King’s Cross 

You always have places to be. You usually have at least 15 unfinished tasks on your to-do list, and your friends will probably have to try and book you in at least a week in advance. Whilst others may find this overwhelming, you think you’re still on top of everything.

(You also probably came to London from somewhere further up north and will not stop talking to people from home about how you’re a Londoner now).


You’re a really fun friend and you would never say no to a night out. You’re probably the friend texting ‘pub?’ to the group chat whilst everyone else is still nursing a hangover.

That being said, you’re also probably one of those people who, despite being in Loop every Wednesday and out and about almost every other night, will still end up getting a first. Though everyone loves you, they probably envy you as well.


You definitely have your life together. You have never missed a 9am in your life, you actually have a solid plan of what you’re going to do with your life after graduation, maybe you even keep a bullet journal.

However, if your favourite is Victoria for Victoria Coach Station, you could not be more different. You’re a bit of a mess, but you’re a loveable mess. You’re always at least 15 minutes late to everything, but everyone still loves you, it’s a part of your charm.

St Pancras International

If your favourite station is St Pancras, you definitely think of yourself as the main character. Like, you probably expected other people in the library to write a UCLove post about you levels of main character.

You’re probably one of those people where everyone wants to be your friend, and although you say you like to keep out of drama, you definitely still want to be filled in on everything that’s going on.


You’re the mother of any friendship group. You’re a delight to be around as you are always reliable and give the best advice no matter what the problem is.

You make sure that your friends get home from that messy night out, no matter how near or far they have to go. You’re also the first person round in a crisis, faster than the Heathrow Express.


You give off really posh vibes. Really, really posh vibes.

You probably have a trust fund and you get all of your clothes from Urban Outfitters. You’re also probably the one getting the first round of jager bombs once you’ve had a few drinks, so safe to say you’re also a good time.

The likelihood is that your student flat will either be in Marylebone, Fitzrovia or Primrose Hill because you truly are just that posh.


You don’t exist, surely this cannot be your favourite.