UCL announces principles for an ‘assessment support package’ this year

So the staff have a full no detriment policy but we’ve been given the same three principles that we already found out last week?

Whilst UCL students eagerly wait for the announcement of a no detriment policy for this academic year, UCL has announced the principles on which an “assessment support package: will be based.

This was formally announced on the UCL website earlier today, which details three principles for 2021/21, to account for the current pandemic and its effect on students.

The news comes after a meeting between academic staff, administrative staff, and representatives from the Students’ Union.

The statement from UCL reads:

“A panel of academic and administrative staff and Students’ Union representatives have now agreed the principles on which the support package for 2020-21 will be based.

“The aim is to enable students to demonstrate the full extent of your academic capabilities, while making sure that a UCL degree continues to be regarded as amongst the best in the world.

“Your departments will contact you in mid-February to share the details of the assessment support package and what it means for you.

“The principles for 2020/21 are:

“1. We will support you all as individuals.

  • “Wherever possible we will remove or minimise barriers to learning and increase the support available to help you feel part of the UCL community, develop your knowledge and skills, and feel confident about taking assessments.
  • “We recognise that you are all affected by the pandemic, but in many different and complex ways depending on your background, circumstances and location, so we will attempt to ensure that our package of support covers the reality you face.

“2. Assessment will be fair and equitable.

  • “Work will continue to be graded according to how it exhibits the critical thinking and creativity for which UCL graduates are renowned, taking account of the different types of programmes, subjects and levels of study across UCL.
  • “However, we will not ask you to demonstrate your ability in the context of subject matter or skills which you have not been taught, or using materials which you have not been able to access.
  • “And we will endeavour to ensure that you are not prevented from demonstrating the full extent of your academic ability as a result of your location or adverse personal circumstances.

“3. We will protect the value of your degree.

  • “We will continue to provide as much of the content of your degree as we can without risking your health and safety and that of our staff, as determined by our own health experts, Government guidance and the law.
  • “We will take steps to ensure that results are broadly comparable to normal years, taking account of best practice across the UK.”

Unfortunately, we still have to wait until mid-February to find out what the actual no detriment policy is. But for more information and the original statement about the three principles, click here.