What UCL halls are really like, according to Trip Advisor

Apparently if you live in Ifor you’re only seconds away from being attacked by rabid squirrels

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When you come to UCL you don’t get to pick your halls, you just hope and pray you don’t have to live somewhere particularly awful. However, in the summer, lucky tourists do have the option to pick a UCL/UOL hall to stay in, as the University rents student rooms out over the summer as cheap hostel vibe places.

What comes after tourists? TripAdvisor! A safe haven for the fussiest, pickiest people on God’s green Earth. We had a look at TripAdvisor reviews of UCL Halls, and well, they’re exactly what you would expect.*

*Don’t @ me if your hall isn’t featured, just means that your accommodation hasn’t faced the burning humiliation of a TripAdvisor Review

Campbell House

I’ll start off by pointing out the obvious: I’ve been to Campbell, and this is not a picture of it. This is a clearly much nicer room than anything I’ve ever seen. So before anyone asks, I don’t know if all the reviewers were staying in this mythical fantasy Campbell or the grim reality of UCL Campbell House, but let’s just imagine its the latter.

Starting off strong here. Gary E, all the way from the Big Apple, loved Campbell. The funniest part of this is that he calls UCL dorms “surprisingly rather peaceful places to stay”- I can only imagine Gary, because the only times I’ve ever stepped foot in Campbell during term time its been a verifiable den of chaos.

Max Rayne

Cain W didn’t have anything nice to say- apparently Max Rayne is so horrifying people starting “crying due to the unsafe look the place gave.” Yes, it does look like a prison, yes its pretty damp and depressing, but crying seems a bit excessive Cain.

Ifor Evans 

vince s saves the day for the Camden accommodations, stating that the was very happy with his stay, and even pointed out the “lovely walk nearby on the canal.” I doubt any fresher has ever gone for that walk down the canal but its good to know.

Here’s where it all goes wrong: Sami0101 HATED Ifor. For this reason, she points to the whole menagerie of animals which apparently populate the halls of the accommodation. So maybe don’t stay here if you don’t want to be stalked by squirrels and the world’s largest Spider?

College Hall

College Hall seems to be coming out on top with TripAdvisor reviews: 8 pages and all of them seem pretty decent. Di S, RRS, and ShooterBoy97 say it’s all pretty good value for money, with the reception staff actually being nice (basically unheard of in any other hall)

International Hall

For some reason IH had 18 pages of review, which is baffling considering all the other halls had about 5 reviews each. In dedication to this article, I looked through all 18 pages, and found a group of incredibly mixed reviews which is just confusing me further.

John M and anthonyfrederick96 really don’t like International. They say the beds are “really uncomfortable” and its “way too expensive” which is probably valid if your paying £100 a night like John claims to be, who’s withholding the hallowed 2 stars until they change the beds.

rashelika seems a bit more rational here- it’s student accommodation, so she knows what she’s getting. Yes, it’s pretty basic, but its not meant to be the Ritz.

The Tab London contacted UCL for a comment.