These are all the UCL Halls reopening this year

Less UCL Halls are opening, leading UCL to use private providers like Unite Stratford

UCL has announced that UCL ensuite and non-ensuite catered halls will open for the 2020/21 academic year, as well as University of London catered and self-catered halls.

There will be no twin rooms or UCL catered accommodation opening, with extra cleaning in all communal areas.

The full list of halls opening:

•    Arthur Tattersal House
•    Astor College
•    Bernard Johnson House
•    Campbell House East
•    Campbell House West
•    Endsleigh Gardens
•    Frances Gardner House
•    Goldsmid House
•    Ian Baker House
•    James Lighthill House
•    John Adams Hall
•    John Dodgson House
•    John Tovell House
•    Langton Close
•    New Hall
•    Prankerd House
•    Schafer House
•    Unite Beaumont Court
•    Unite Stapleton House
•    Unite St. Pancras Way

List of UoL Halls that we currently plan to allocate to are:

•    College Hall
•    Connaught Hall
•    Garden Halls
•    Handel Mansions
•    International Hall
•    Lillian Penson Hall
•    Nutford House

Due to increased demand, UCL has also obtained additional rooms with private providers including:

  • Urbanest Kings Cross
  • Urbanest St Pancras
  • Unite Drapery Plaza
  • Unite Stratford ONE