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Exclusive: Bran Stark is a fresher at UCL

Can you imagine seeing the three eyed raven in Loop

Isaac Hempstead-Wright, better known as Game of Thrones’ Bran Stark, is enrolled at University College London and was recently spotted hanging around the campus, The London Tab can exclusively reveal.

A UCL student told The London Tab: “I saw him walking to the toilet on the mezzanine of the student centre looking studious.”

Another student said: “Yeah, Bran Stark goes to UCL. My mate’s boyfriend saw him at the student centre.”

To confirm this, we searched the email directory which has every enrolled student in, and found out that he is indeed enrolled at UCL.

As well as the Student Centre, he has also been tagged in Instagram posts in Canfield Gardens, which is one of the typical areas UCL students live in.

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This comes after he dropped out of University of Birmingham last year, where he studied Music and Maths, for acting commitments. Isaac told The Telegraph that he planned to return to university to study Neuroscience, which we assume is what he’s studying at UCL.

Notably his time at Birmingham was marred with issues related to his fame, particularly the time he was assigned a police escort.

Isaac told Esquire online that he doesn’t think he’ll “ever be able to have a normal university experience” due to his level of fame, but we hope London makes it a bit easier for him, and that he enjoys all the joys of UCL and the occasional Loop trip.

Isaac’s agents were contacted, but refused to comment on his enrolment at UCL.

So guys, can we all agree to play it cool when Bran Stark’s around?

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