Increased security around UCL campus in response to Manchester attack

Students and staff are asked to report any suspicious behaviour

Following the terrorist attack in the Manchester Arena, the international terrorism threat level in the UK has been raised to critical.

In response to this, both the Metropolitan Police and UCL Security are taking steps to increase security around the UCL campus.

Over the next few days, students and staff will see an increased presence of UCL Security staff across the campus and surrounding areas. The number of Metropolitan Police officers on patrol has also been increased; the military will be seen alongside the police at certain locations.

Everyone is asked to look out for and report anything unusual to UCL Security by calling one of the numbers below. Students and staff should wear their UCL ID visibly if possible and are encouraged to challenge anyone suspicious who isn’t wearing ID. Checking/searching procedures will also be increased.

If there are UCL Security or Reception staff if your building, they should be provided with the details of any visitors you are expecting, and visitors should be escorted if possible. Deliveries will also be restricted to essential items only.

For further advice, contact UCL Security Manager Mark West ([email protected]) or Deputy Security Manager Oliver Curran ([email protected]).

To report anything suspicious, you can speak to a UCL Security Officer or call the UCL Security team on any internal phone (extension 222) or from a mobile phone (020 7679 2222).

If you’re off campus, call the Police on 999.