UCL Take Me Out: Meet the Boys

Any takers?


With UCL Take Me Out only three days away, our friend in the The Economist’s Society and UCLU Women in Finance have sent us a list of boys taking part this year, with descriptions to match!

UCL Take Me Out wants to pair lonely economists together, so they’re lonely no more!

The event takes place next Tuesday in Cruciform between 19:00-22:00. Tickets cost £3 and all proceeds will be going to the charity, Health, Poverty, Action.

If you missed it, the lineup for the girls can be found here.

The description on the Facebook event says: “They have a hot line up of exquisite economists to milk your shake until the cows come home and an even hotter one of females from more exotic backgrounds.”

It also promises to provide “plenty” of rosé!

Shay Sharma, 1st year Economics

“Shay is a wondrous rower, who knows how to stroke. A charming public speaker and a traveller that promises to show you exotic places.

“His uniqueness makes him face an inelastic demand, so make sure to give the highest bid!”

Riccardo Lovo, 1st year Economics

“Riccardo is a charming Italian who spends his time drinking, gyming and trading, when he is not too busy with modelling.

So, come down to rate his stock, although we say buy.”

Aditya Arya, 2nd year Economics

“Aditya Arya is an undercover economist who loves to study private goods under the covers, go surfing and direct ‘plays’.

“If you’re ready for a play of economics, come watch him be the slutsky to your preferences.”

David Simons, 2nd year IMB

“Ready to spice things up and straight out of the School of Management, David’s a gym enthusiast, a committed poker player, with a lot of assets on his balance sheet.

“Come down to see how high his net present value is!”

Agustin Nielsen, 3rd year IMB

“Our last but definitely not least boy. Agustin is a multicultural and multilingual international trading guru who lived in USA, Zurich and Australia and rumour has it that UCL created a custom degree for him.”

Come on down to evaluate his commodities, although we think it’s a bargain.”

You can find the Facebook event here.