Meet the girls taking part in UCL Take Me Out

Let the U C the L

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The Economist’s Society and UCLU Women in Finance have given Tab London an exclusive sneak-preview into the hottest dating event at UCL.

UCL Take Me Out wants to pair lonely economists together, so they’re lonely no more!

The event takes place next Tuesday in Cruciform between 19:00-22:00. Tickets cost £3 and all proceeds will be going to the charity, Health, Poverty, Action.

You can expect the lineup for the boys this Friday.

The description on the Facebook event says: “They have a hot line up of exquisite economists to milk your shake until the cows come home and an even hotter one of females from more exotic backgrounds.”

It also promises to provide “plenty” of rosé!

Vicky Vuong, 2nd Year, Economics

Melody Yuan, Political Science and Government at SSEES

Kaiying Xu, 2nd Year, Economics

Saniya Mohapatra, 3rd Year, Economics

Anny Sha Anyi, 2nd Year, Economics & Business


Bethany Parker, 2nd Year, Economics

Kristine Jorsboe, 2nd Year, Economics

Amber Doig-Thorne, UCL-student and well-known Facebook personality

Halla Sigrún Mathiesen, 2nd Year, History, Politics & Economics

Irene Adam, 1st Year, Economics

Charly Schucht, 2nd Year, Economics










You can find the Facebook event here.