A UoL catered hall in Bloomsbury served a halal option with red wine gravy

UoL has been approached for comment

An intercollegiate hall run by the University of London served chicken in a red wine sauce as a halal option.

Photos have emerged showing that on Monday evening, the Halal dish available was chicken with the a red wine sauce.

Halal- meaning permissible in Arabic- is part of Shari’ah Law and dictates what food and drink a Muslim can consume.

Exhibit A: The misleading menu

In the Qur’an, wine is a prohibited substance and therefore cannot be consumed by those that practice Islam.

Garden Hall opened in September 2016 and is one of the most expensive halls, with weekly rent ranging from £189.39 to £247.60.

On the UoL website, the hall is described as providing ‘high quality, affordable student accommodation with outstanding facilities designed to meet the needs of modern students.’

Exhibit B: the offending sauce covering the chicken

A month ago, a student found a worm in a potato, which University of London confirmed was cooked on the premises.

The matter went under investigation by Aramak, the company that provides Garden Halls catering.

University of London have been approached for a comment.