A UoL catered hall has served worm infested food to students

Don’t eat the potatoes…

Yesterday evening, an intercollegiate hall run by the University of London served worm-infested food to its residents.

Photo evidence shows that a worm was found within a baked potato that was served as part of the evening meal in Garden Hall, a catered hall near Euston Station.

The picture, published on the Garden Hall Facebook page, shows a grey worm inside a baked potato. University of London have confirmed the baked potato was prepared on the premises.

The student who uploaded the photograph has since taken it down.

Garden Halls was only reopened this academic year

Garden Halls was only reopened this academic year

Garden Halls is an intercollegiate halls with a catered option for its residents. Opening this academic year, the University of London website says it offers “high quality, affordable student accommodation with outstanding facilities designed to meet the needs of modern students”.

With just under a thousand rooms, it is one of the most expensive halls in the Bloomsbury area with weekly rents ranging from £189.90 to a whopping £247.60.

This is not the first time that the food served at Garden Hall has been called into question. First year resident George, who studies Liberal Arts at King’s, found wood chip in his chickpea korma. Talking to The Tab he said: “I was just eating dinner – I think it was chickpea korma – and I noticed something rigid in my mouth that I had tried to chew.

“I thought it might have been an uncooked rind or part of a vegetable, but when I took it out it looked like a wood chip.

“The people I was sitting with and I didn’t think it could be but then I broke it in to and could see the fibrous fracture line.”

In a statement released today, University of London said: “The University of London confirms that a student at one of the intercollegiate halls of residence, Garden Halls, complained that a baked potato prepared on the premises contained a worm on Sunday 13 November.

“It would appear that this is accurate but this matter is undergoing a full investigation by Aramark, the company responsible for the catering at the halls.”