Crib of the week: Check out this pad in King’s Cross

Reckon yours is better?

Finding a place to live after halls can be a daunting task – particularly in London – but these guys have got it under control. Pillows, polaroids, fairy lights – you can tell these girls have made themselves feel at home.

With their place only a 10 min walk from the main campus and King’s Cross on the corner, the location is beaut. Second year engineer, Reka hated halls because she thought “everything looks like a hospital”, so to make her second year at uni more enjoyable, she made her room super homely. Reka said it’s important for her to have her own space, which is cosy and she can study and chill in peace. She told us: “Polaroids remind me of the nicest memories.”


Home from home


Although the room isn’t massive, the windows allow the sun to lighten up the whole space

Housemate Cindy, who also studies Civil Engineering, said: “I chose neutral colours because I wanted it to be cosy and relaxing after coming back from a stressful day at uni.” She also said because her room is quite dark, she’s added mirrors to reflect the light. She told The Tab: “I like art and drawing so I wanted one wall to display my art and pictures, and I wanted some element of nature so I bought a plant.”

Timea, a Politics and Eastern European Studies student, told us that after halls, living in the apartment was a big change. As the windows are pretty large, when it’s sunny outside the room is filled with warmth. Fairy lights create great vibes at night, and toys on the shelves make it really comfortable. The walls are also covered in different photos, pictures and different kinds of art, which reflect the funny times or just memorable events.


Wall art is key to cover up the blu tack stained walls


In case you’re wondering, yes – they tidied up before we came.

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