I let my boyfriend dress me for a week

He wasn’t even that bad

Apparently, you can only make four good decisions a day, and with all the work I had to do in reading week, I didn’t want to waste one choosing my outfit for the day.

So I decided to let my boyfriend do the hard work and dress me for a week.



Not a bad start

The week started well and  he instinctively put together a chilled smart outfit, with a midi-skirt and a sporty top. For a first go it wasn’t a bad effort, and I was optimistic about the week ahead.



Can’t go wrong with a tartan scarf

Tuesday was a serious study day and my aright needed to reflect that. The brief was “comfortable but smart” and he put in a good effort, opting for a comfy pullover and an oversized scarf.



Ripped jeans are a staple

Wednesday was set to be a fun day and I wanted to look good. He went with a denim shirt and ripped jeans, complemented by some swish black shoes – perfect for a casual date and practical for sight-seeing around the city centre.


12226730_439247826262670_473163757_n (2)

Thursday needed to be chill ahead of Friday

After a busy Wednesday it was time to chill on Thursday and prepare for Friday. A warm outfit was perfect for the dreary South-west weather of Exeter and his balcony was a cute spot for  a few pics.



Black Friday

To finish off the week, I returned to my favourite balcony spot and donned every girl’s favourite colour. It was a black Friday, topped off with a pretty tartan scarf to add some colour to the outfit. Coupled with the boots, he managed to maintain his high standards right through the week.

I was pleasantly surprised. Let’s be honest, it could’ve been a lot worse.