Axed professor says his course was ‘too critical of white establishment’

He puts a line through his name because it was given to him by slave owners in Jamaica

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Dr. Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman was made a research associate in the philosophy of “race” in October 2013, and claims he became one of just five philosophy academics in the UK higher-education system.

Most of his extracurricular work focussed on the prioritisation of “dead white men” over black philosophers, leading to his claim the establishment is “too white”.


Dr. Coleman has been told when his fixed-contract expires in October there will be no position available for him. UCL claim it was dependent upon a new Black Studies MA, which was deemed unviable because “it became apparent that UCL is not yet ready to offer a strong programme in this area”.

The University of Michigan graduate believes the course did not sit well with colleagues because it was too critical of the white establishment, suggesting his course threatens white-dominated academia.


Coleman told Times Higher Education: “White hegemony was…to be put under the microscope, turning the spotlight on to the ivory tower, putting the fear of God into many of its scholars – predominantly racialised as white – who had contented themselves hitherto to research and teach in an ‘aracial’ – aka white-dominated – way”.

If UCL are unable to offer Dr Coleman a full-time post, he says he will return to the USA and pursue a career there instead, a concept which hasn’t found favour with students who claim it was a “privilege” to be taught by him, and have set up a petition to get him a full-time job.