Why are our exams spread so far across London?

Welcome to Brixton

As if exams and deadlines are not stressful enough, UCL has decided to take it one step further by challenging students to go on a treasure hunt for their exam locations.

Heavy eye lids, energy drinks and sighs fill the libraries as term three develops in to the hopeless mess everybody thought it would be.


On top of all the blank faces, head-scratching and last minute cramming, students now have to worry about finding their exam venues.

Exam halls are scattered all over the ghettoish outskirts of London. With approximately 36,000 students, UCL has dedicated all of May, and May only, to examinations.

Freshers, especially, are taken aback by their Zone 2 and 3 extra-terrestrial locations.

NatSci fresher Abbey Cropper told us: “My exams are spread from Bethnal Green, to Brixton, to Queensway – I never quite know how to get there.”

Exam postcodes are spread far and wide, from Bloomsbury, to Holborn, to Bethnal Green and Brixton.

Abbey’s Timetable

The truth is, it’s inconvenient, but you’re going to have to deal with it.

Here’s a little tip though: find your location before the exam date. There is nothing more stressful than being on the tube panicking about making it on time – and you can’t risk losing even a single second on those bad boys.

So buckle up, and get a move on. You better leave now.