UCLeft: Labour winning the battle for votes on Gower Street

In 2010 you preferred the Tories


Left-leaning third years are flocking to support Labour and the Green Party, according to a new poll.

With the election just 17 days away, a Student Politics Survey found Ed Miliband is leading the election race at UCL, with 35% of finalists set to vote for his party.

And 30% will back the Greens, meaning the “rainbow coalition” of left of centre parties have a majority on Gower Street.

ed miliband



The Tories trail behind with 23% of support from the 291 UCL finalists who were interviewed.

Careers site High Fliers interviewed 13,039 students at 30 top universities for the poll.

And the Conservatives are leading the race, coming out on top at 14 of the 30, including wannabe City boys LSE and Imperial.




If this were expanded to a nationwide scale, Miliband would be throwing big DC out of number 10 with Balls most likely in 11.

But the pair would be relying on the Greens to prop up their new government.

Bae x

Bae x

As a nationwide average, the Conservatives and Labour share 31% of the vote while one sixth of those interviewed claimed they would not be voting in two and a half weeks time.

Notable results include Surrey-on-Sea a.k.a. Exeter, unsurprisingly advocating a Tory government once more, alongside their right wing chums at Imperial and Loughborough at which half of voters are voting blue.

On the other side of the political coin, voters at Strathclyde and Glasgow favour the SNP, whilst those at Queen Mary Belfast are leaning towards Sinn Féin.

Surprisingly, both Oxford and Cambridge are favouring Labour this year, perhaps in an attempt to rid themselves of the “parasitic elite” label that has riled them all up recently.

Ready for his life on the streets

Ready for his life on the streets

According to today’s ever-changing opinion polls, the Tories are on top but are short of a majority by 45 seats, what is clear is it’ll be a closely run race which will almost definitely result in another awkies coalition.