Is this the fittest lecturer ever? Swoon over this chiselled Maths teacher hottie

Are you a 45 degree angle? Because you’re acute-y


An ex-Maths teacher is quickly gaining fame as the world’s hottest lecturer — because he’s a hunky part time model.

Stunning Pietro Boselli, from Negrar in Italy, was a Mechanical Engineering teacher at UCL until June 2014 and has set the bar for buff profs.

The 6ft 1″ dreamboat is an Instagram fiend and regularly posts yummy pics of his toned bod.

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Pietro, 26, has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and was crowned the European Fitness Model Champ in 2014.

He used to work as a teaching assistant and then as a lecturer at UCL until recently — but now he’s represented by the Models 1 agency.

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Former pupil Arief Azli posted a cheeky snap of Pietro on Facebook.


Credit: Arief Azli

The beefcake says he is “addicted to training” and enjoys taking pictures of his abs and crotch.

He was once awarded the Undergrad Faculty Excellence Scholarship for the most outstanding academic achievement in his first year and his eyes are so deep you could get lost in them.

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Wetter than an otter’s pocket

His Instagram account is a window into the life of a total fittie who posts pictures of himself in the pool with the caption: “Boosts circulation, gets metabolism up to speed and strengthens immune system.”

Pietro works out two to three times a day and said his best feature is his “perseverance and inconsistency”.