Students stunned as freak blizzard hits Bloomsbury

We don’t know what it was

In scenes reminiscent of The Day After Tomorrow, UCL’s Bloomsbury Campus was today hit by a freak snowstorm.

Many ran to safety inside The Print Room Cafe as the heavy snow and hail began to fall.

Some intrepid students faced the elements in order to finish their cigarettes shortly before 14.00 GMT.

Terrified onlookers were heard speculated whether the unforeseen weather was hail or snow.

The brief snowstorm ended as quickly as it started in a matter of minutes.

Italian and Philosophy second year Ben Munster said: “By the time I’d composed myself again the hail or snow, whatever it was, had melted without a trace, but it was terrifying at the time”

The Met Office had declined to comment at the time of publishing.