Union drops security firm G4S for ‘atrocious’ human rights record

They won’t be handling the proceeds of your chai latte anymore

UCLU has voted to terminate its contract with G4S.

The union made the unanimous decision on Tuesday evening because of the security firm’s “atrocious human rights abuses” in Palestine and US prison Guantanamo Bay.

Controversial G4S won’t be handling the proceeds of your chai latte anymore

The motion, tabled by Friends of Palestine activist Taif Alkhudary, focused on the G4S’ role in servicing Israeli prisons, where “children as young as fourteen can be held without trial and subjected to torture”.

Alkhudary also noted the firm’s £70 million contract with Guantanamo Bay prison, where torture including “force-feeding techniques” is commonplace.

There were no opposition speakers and the motion received unanimous support from the union council, meaning G4S’ cash-handling contract will not be renewed when it expires in July this year.

G4S helps collect cash from the union-run Print Room Café

Speaking to the Tab, Alkhudary said: “G4S is infamous for its involvement in human rights violations across the world”.

“The costs of the change would be minimal.”

Alkuhdary’s motion also noted the firm’s contract with Israel in maintaining the checkpoints and the internationally illegal West Bank separation wall.

President of UCLU Israel Society Henry Tilbury hit out at the decision, saying: “The union is essentially attacking G4S for playing an integral role in Israel’s fight agains terrorists.”

“It’s not the first time the union has used a warped and one-sided narrative to justify the obsessive targeting of the Jewish State”.

“Once again UCLU is trying to act like a government rather than a student union”

Friends of Israel have blasted the decision

The union has reportedly started looking for alternative cash-carrying services for when the G4S contract expires in summer.