Get to know the UCLU Netball Varsity Squad

The London Varsity Series introduces the Netball Varsity between UCLU and KCLSU for the first time ever – the Tab brings eager fans a guide to our UC Netball 1s.

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UCLU Netball 1s compete in BUCS South Eastern 1A, KCLSU Netball 1s compete in BUCS South Eastern 2B. Statistically speaking the Netball Varsity should be a walk in the park for our UC netballers.

However, despite their different league tiers, the standard of netball is quite similar (which is very high – there are 18 netball leagues in total in BUCS South Eastern), and UCLU and KCLSU have always been very competitive.

So come equipped with this “who’s who” guide to the UCLU Netball 1st team on Saturday March 8th to watch what promises to be an intense showdown against Strand Poly!

Hannah Rebecca Button (Captain)

Age: 21

Position: Goal Attack/Centre

Spirit Animal: Direwolf

Favourite Food: Crème eggs (plural)

Favourite Sport other than Netball: Anything involving a team and a ball (no plural this time)

Roberta Louise Jackson (Vice Captain)

Age: 22

Position: Any position that doesn’t have an A on it

Spirit Animal: Dog (because she’s really enthusiastic and likes chasing balls)

Favourite Food: Almonds

Favourite Sport other than Netball: Lacrosse

Joanna May Reynolds

Age: 22

Position: Centre

Spirit Animal: Gazelle

Favourite Food: Steak

Favourite Sport other than Netball: Skiing

Alice Emily Hannah Lawson

Age: 20

Position: Wing Defence/Goal Defence

Spirit Animal: Fish

Favourite Food: Malteaser bunnies

Favourite Sport other than Netball: Benchball

Katie Sanderson

Age: 21

Position: Goal Shooter/Goal Attack

Spirit Animal: Sheep

Favourite Food: Onions

Favourite Sport other than Netball: Curling

Caroline Jane Jeffrey

Age: 19

Position: Goal Defence/Centre

Spirit Animal: Penguin

Favourite Food: Spaghetti Carbonora or anything with lemons

Favourite Sport other than Netball: Football

Emma Kate Thomas

Age: 22

Position: Wing Attack

Spirit Animal: Owl

Favourite Food: Cheese. Meat. Cheese and meat.

Favourite Sport other than Netball: Gymnastics

Gemma Louise Bagge

Age: 20

Position: Goal Shooter/Goal Attack/Wing Attack

Spirit Animal: Dolphin – Water baby

Favourite Food: Mum’s roast pork

Favourite Sport other than Netball: Torn between the pool and ski slopes

Rebecca Louise Walker

Age: 26

Position: Goal Keep

Spirit Animal: Meerkat

Favourite Food: Grapes of the fermented and bottled persuasion (Rebecca rebeliously strays away from the “food” category)

Favourite Sport other than Netball: Beer Pong (potential 2015 Beer Pong Varsity?)

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