UCLU Dance Society do their bit for World Aids Day


UCLU Dance Society did their bit for Positively Red Week by holding a Flash Mob in the Quad today, (Wednesday).


Dressed all in red, members of the society took centre stage in the Quad and attracted quite a crowd of spectators, gathered to find out what this choreographed takeover was in aid of. The society was doing their bit, having teamed up with the Student Stop AIDS Campaign, Sexpression, UAEM, and UCLU to put on a series of activities that will raise awareness for Saturday’s World AIDS Day.

Lindsay Solera Deuchar, one of the week’s organisers, took some time out after the Flash Mob to chat to The Tab. ‘We’ve been handing out loads of packs with information leaflets and condoms, and linking up with societies to raise awareness for World AIDS Day this Saturday…I got in contact with Glennis [President of UCLU Dance Society] and she was keen for the society to get involved’.

Glennis LaRoe, UCLU’s Dance Society President, shared a bit more on how the Flash Mob was organised. ‘Dance Society were really excited to be approached by Lindsay to do a Flash Mob for Positively Red Week. We asked our Street Jazz teacher to choreograph the routine to teach during our weekly lesson, which we then filmed and put on our Facebook page and website. We were really pleased with the turnout, getting members involved of all abilities and styles to dance for a really worthy cause. We hope that we gathered a big crowd and helped to raise awareness!’

Well they certainly got our attention, and it’s great to see UCLU societies joining up to raise awareness for important causes!

Various events have been going on the past few days, and more is scheduled for the rest of the week, For more information, check out the UCL Positively Red Week 2012 event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/459071907468258/?ref=ts&fref=ts