You’re Hired!

UCL Entrepreneurs Society organise Apprentice style contest for aspiring students.

The UCL Entrepreneurs Society is to hold an Apprentice style contest which pitches teams of aspiring students against each other in a series of secret tasks designed to test their business nous.

The teams will attempt to beg, steal and borrow their way to the top of the pile in a bid to win prizes including cash, vouchers and the chance to compete in the London Apprentice competition.

Several tasks from last year included having to find obscure items such as a French beret and a Russian flag and trying to make a solid profit, with one team opting to sell pictures with a member dressed up as a shark outside London Aquarium for £1. Needless to say, they did not do well.

David Heasman, UCLe Marketing Officer, told The Tab:

The UCL Apprentice Challenge is our flagship event. On the 11th December 12 teams of four will compete in the semi final. They will be given 3 secret tasks which are designed to develop and test their entrepreneurial skills. The top 6 teams will go through to the final, and the winning team from the final will go through to the London Apprentice Challenge, competing against the other London Universities. The winning teams will be awarded prizes and mentorship.”

Hopefully some of the up and coming wheeler dealers will wow the London competition and who knows, one of the competitors could be getting fired or hired by Sir Alan and his flunkies in the near future.