The Varsity women pitch their battle against King’s this Friday

More Varsity spamming… this time from the women.

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It’s not just about the men.

“What?” I hear you say, “But men are the only and most superior sex truly capable of tearing through the murky red and navy waters of Strand Poly and delivering the sacred egg shaped ball to the try line.

“Sorry?” I see you frown, whilst thinking “women don’t belong on the rugby pitch unless it’s to somersault off of each other in sequined skirts and use their sweet harmonies to stroke the male ego”.

“Pardon?” I watch you… Ok, no one is that bad. And I’m sure nobody is actually saying (or thinking) any of those things. But if they ever happened to flash across your mind as a wild fragment of possibility, you’d be very, very wrong.

They’re fit. They’re fast. They’re experts in handling oddly shaped balls. Yes, women play rugby too. So let’s hear a bit about your team at UCL before the big event kicks off this Friday (just two hours before the men get to show us what their thighs are really made of).

UCLU Women’s Rugby – also undefeated like their male counterparts this year – promise their fans 80 minutes of quality full powered action of the nation’s favourite sport. You may have even seen them in and around campus covered in blue and purple war paint eagerly thrusting flyers at innocent passers-by. Not only shortlisted for ‘Volunteering Club of the Year’ (working with Richards House Hospice helping to raise £100s, running a touch-rugby session for a local primary school, as well as planning to run the Sport Relief Mile three-legged) and ‘Best Club of the Year’ (which would potentially be their third win in six years of nominations), their devoted Captain and Olympics Ambassador for UCL, Eleanor Trezise, has been shortlisted for Sports Personality of the Year. Watch out for them raking in the awards at UCLU Sports Ball on 15th March.

Just a standard sports club doing what they do best? Wrong. A highly diverse and constantly progressing club who live and breathe UCLU WRFC ‘til they die, and who want to make everyone at UCL as proud of them as they are of themselves (as well as have a bit of fun in the process). And that’s just one reason why you should go and support them at Varsity.

Last year, they managed to thrash – sorry, marginally beat – King’s 38-5 despite only having a five minute warm up due to a transport error. Not only this, but they have been undefeated at Varsity ever since the women’s game was established. And they don’t want to break this trend.

“We’ve had a fantastic season so far – our best yet in fact – and with King’s women’s side looking stronger than ever too we look forward to a tougher match than last year with the best team coming out on top,” enthuses Eleanor, the WRFC Captain.

If this still hasn’t convinced you that the women can put on just as mighty a performance as the men, go and watch them kick off two hours before at 5:30pm, Twickenham Stoop. And then treat yourself to a pint or two before the men rock up and finish the show.

Watch the men and women put all their balls into making Varsity 2012 the most unforgettable UCLU event this year. Get your tickets now…