Liverpool lecturer has to buy nine different train tickets save money on his commute

Changing trains helps him save £350

We all know that getting the train has become increasingly expensive as of late, often leaving us having to make stops and changes in rogue locations across the country. Taking this to a more extreme level, a University of Liverpool lecturer has revealed that he is left buying nine separate tickets to make his commute from Haywards Heath in West Sussex to Liverpool Lime Street.

The lecturer who teaches accounting and finance at UoL takes the journey up to Liverpool twice a week, to save costs he found an alternative which means he now buys nine different tickets and changes trains three or four times to get to uni in time.

via SWNS

Speaking to SWNS he said: “I have been doing this trip for a few years now – over three years. I am an old man and I have got a Senior Railcard and it saves me around £350 a journey as opposed to a standard return ticket”.He continued further saying: “There are some very good split ticketing websites that you can now use and that is fine for someone like me who knows their way around the train system. I am a regular commuter, but if you are a tourist or don’t usually travel this price will come as a shock”.

via SWNS

With the Christmas holidays coming up and the ever increasing price of public transport, using a split ticketing website can be a lifesaver to help you save money that could be put to better use, perhaps a few festive drinks at the local or some last minute Christmas presents. 

Featured image and article image credit: via SWNS