University of Liverpool student says they feel ‘hopeless’ during the cost of living crisis

The student has £50 to live off for three months

A University of Liverpool student has spoken to the Liverpool Echo and said they feel hopeless during the cost of living crisis and claims that they have only £50 to suffice for the next three months at university.

The student, who receives the maximum student maintenance loan at £9,250 told the Echo that this is mostly spent on paying rent, leaving them with little money to spend on necessities. Whilst the student has a job alongside their studies, like a lot of student employment it’s a zero-hour contract and they claimed that their employer still owes them around £400 in wages.

Whilst it may appear shocking, this is not an uncommon situation for students across the country currently, with university timetables and workloads making it difficult for students to rely on fixed-term jobs, many students take on zero-hour contracts which don’t always provide them with enough money to live off.

The cost of living crisis has also affected the student’s overall university experience as they have been unable to socialise with their friends for events like halloween and they have also been unable to visit their girlfriend due to the expensive cost of train tickets currently.

This student is one of many who will be facing financial hardships over the next academic year which alongside the stress of studying for a degree can make university an even more challenging place to be.

Recently, the University of Liverpool made the announcement that it is tripling its hardship fund to £1.5 million after an NUS survey highlighted that 92 percent of students have claimed that the cost of living crisis has negatively impacted their mental health. You can find out more information about how to access financial help from the Liverpool Guild of Students here.

If you feel that you have been affected by the cost of living crisis whilst at university, you can DM us @thetabliverpool