OMG it’s official – Eurovision 2023 is coming to Liverpool!

What a time to be alive

Finally the news we’ve all been waiting for…the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is being hosted in Liverpool. If there was ever any debate that Liverpool isn’t the best city to be a student in then this surely puts us at the top of the list.

Liverpool was shortlisted alongside Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and Glasgow to become the host city which was announced by the BBC back in August. Its been a long and painful wait to finally find out if the iconic contest was going to be hosted in our very own city.

The decision to host the contest in the UK instead of Ukraine who won Eurovision 2022 is due to the ongoing conflict between the country and Russia, the BBC stated that they have “glorious Ukraine at its heart” and that they are guaranteed to qualify to the competitions grand final.

Now all that awaits us is a long few months of waiting to secure tickets, organising our sweepstakes and putting together some of the most iconic ABBA costumes Liverpool has ever seen.