Here’s a definitive list of all the Liverpool Uni student stereotypes, but which one are you?

From out and proud Rah Girl to closet Tory, do you see yourself on this list?

Liverpool certainly attracts a diverse crowd of students. We all love this city because it’s a real melting pot of people from all over the country and the world at large, we can proudly say there is no singular stereotype that would encompass all of us (unlike Durham or LSE maybe, whoops).

But, and we hasten to add this before our lovely Russell Group counterparts come after us, there are definitely a few stereotypes that we can observe amongst our student community.

How do you (or don’t) fit in here?:

The Closet Tory

Picture this: you’ve just got into the Original Red Brick university. You’re buzzing to move into your new catered Vine Court flat. You head out to The Florist wearing boat shoes (with no socks, of course) and your favourite camel chinos. After a few Pornstar Martinis, you end up in Woody’s belting out your best rendition of Mr Brightside. Life is good.


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The Wannabe Love Island Contestant

We love Love Island as much as the next student does, which is why we say this with the greatest affection. If your jeans are uncomfortably tight, you enjoy taking the person you fancy off for chats in the Raz smoking area, or you always have your personalised water bottle to hand at the Sydney Jones, give up being student. You simply must apply to Love Island darling.


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The Kind Of Edgy Smithdown Dweller

Every group has one or two of them. A Doc Martens wearing, Frederiks frequenting, Pop Boutique connoisseur. They either have one lobe piercing or thirty, there is no in-between. Catch them at Nomad reading their latest purchase curtesy of News From Nowhere on Bold Street or crushing Brew Dogs at SoulJam.

The Windy Weekend Warrior

Between September and December, the Champion crossbody-bag-clutching, good time dancer will be filling up your Sunday morning feed with blurry pics from The Warehouse Project in Manchester. January to May, you’ll see them sweating like a lizard at Windy. Consider it training for their summer ahead, which you can be sure they’ll spend at Baltic Weekender, Elrow and Creamfields.


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The Rah Where’s My Baccy Girlie

It’s the official uniform of Smithdown: Nike Dunks, low rise Urban Outfitters cargos paired with a cropped zip hoodie. In their Juicy Couture shoulder bag is a 2000s-era digital camera and a pouch of… WAIT… rah where’s my Amber Leaf?

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