New bar ‘Love Bar’ opening on Smithdown Road this week

Here welcomes the newest addition to the Smithdown pub crawl

Anyone who has lived in Smithdown for the past year will have taken a venture into the popular off licence ‘Late Night’ just off Arundell Avenue and spotted a mixture of rugby boys ready for their next social and second years ready to descend onto a night of pub golf. Despite having enough Elf Bar flavours and cheap wine to fulfil any UoL party, it’s not the only reason why the corner shop has become the most popular spot in the area.

The former Instagram handle @aravinda771 belonging to the owners of the shop has attracted students every night for the duration of the academic year, hoping to get their picture on the infamous account, whether it was of them running to get a crate for pres or another can of Dragon Soop mid-party. The account has since garnered over 1,000 followers and created a pretty strong fan-base for the shop.

On the 20th of August, the account changed its name to @thelovebaruk and followed up with an post announcing the opening of Love Bar on Smithdown Road in the place of what used to be the Landmark Indian restaurant, boasting its new dance-floor and student deals, with Carlsberg for as cheap as £1.49 along with a load of other student discounts.


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The Tab Liverpool spoke to the owners of the new bar and asked what made them want to take on the new venture, they responded:

“Students told us they needed a place for drinking and dancing with DJ music somewhere along Smithdown Road”, they followed this by saying “We are looking forward to welcoming everyone, including the many students of Smithdown”.

The Love Bar which is on 279 Smithdown Road opens this weekend in time for the bank holiday!

Featured image via Instagram @thelovebaruk