Time to put your degree to use: Here are the best pub quizzes in Liverpool

All those hours of watching The Chase have led to this moment

Whether you’ve been rejected from the University Challenge team, fancy impressing your date with your extremely niche knowledge of the Shrek franchise, or just want to find an excuse to have a drink, everyone loves a pub quiz. Now that we’re well into semester two, and funds are looking particularly low, it’s time to boost your morale (and maybe your bank balance).

So here are the best pub quizzes in the Liverpool area, so you can really put your knowledge to the test, and see if you could possibly be the next Anne Hegarty:

The Font- every Thursday at 7:30pm

A student favourite, The Font hosts a weekly free quiz sponsored by Jägermeister. Not to mention three for £7.50 cocktails and arguably some of the best curly fries in Liverpool

Although there’s no cash prize, the winner does get a crate of beer, and runners up can expect some very obscure prizes ranging from cat food to cereal. There’s also a prize for best quiz team names so try and think of something a bit better than ‘Agatha Quiztie’.

The Brookhouse- Mondays at 8pm

Smithdown Road hosts some great student hot spots, but none quite like the trusty Brookie. The Brookhouse holds a quiz every Monday from 8 pm where you can win a free bar tab and save yourself some money for the weekly shop. Being a well-recognised student pub, they have pints from £3.35 and two-for-one cocktails.

The Guild- Mondays at 7pm

Hosted at the UoL Guild of Students, the weekly general knowledge quiz is £1 per entry and has a jackpot of up to £200. There are also two-for-one cocktails to drown your sorrows in if you’re unsuccessful.

Black Cat- Wednesdays and Sundays at 8pm

Hosting two quizzes throughout the week with the chance to win a £30 bar tab, Black Cat also has a range of some super unique craft beers, which makes a great change for those of you who can no longer stomach a watery pint of Carling.

Ma Egerton’s Stage Door- Mondays at 8pm

Hosted by actress Tina Malone, for £1 entry, the quiz features 30 general knowledge, music and sport questions with a cash prize for the winning team.


Love and Rockets- every Sunday at 7:30pm

Another Sunday quiz means another Sunday sesh. Love and Rockets in the middle of Lark Lane also have the BEST food, from pizza to nachos, which are a sure-fire way to cure your hangover. The winner also receives a £25 bar tab if you’re not ready for the weekend to come to an end.

The Dovedale Towers- Thursdays at 9pm

Located on the iconic Penny Lane, The Dovedale Towers host a pub quiz every Thursday which includes free drinks for the winners. If you think you’re clever enough to emerge victorious, it’s a great way to fund your pre-drinks before heading into town.

McCooley’s- Mondays at 8pm

If you’re looking for somewhere a bit more familiar, McCooley’s is only £2 entry per player, and the quiz ranges from general knowledge to music, with extra special prizes for first, second and third place. And the best part is you can celebrate your win by staying for a boogie afterwards.

Peter Kavanaghs- every Thursday at 10pm

Tucked away on Egerton Street, only a small walk away from UoL campus, this very traditional pub hosts a late-night quiz every Thursday. The Tab also named it one of the jewels of Liverpool and a must-see pub to visit.

So come and have a go if you think you’re smart enough! And remember, there’s no shame in losing, but there is shame in having a rubbish quiz team name, so please, no more ‘Maths Debaters’, we’re begging you.