Liverpool Sports Societies raise over £25,000 for Movember

Sadly there is now a lack of moustaches around Smithdown

So November has come to an end, meaning that it’s finally time to shave off that attempt of a moustache you’ve been growing for the past month or fully embrace your new look.

Questionable facial hair aside, once again Liverpool University sports societies have pulled it out the bag raising money this month for Movember, a charity which helps people with prostate and testicular cancer and men who are struggling with their mental health. After the events of the past year with numerous lockdowns and constant uncertainty surrounding covid-19, starting the conversation about mental health is more vital than ever and the money raised this year will help to make a huge difference.

The Tab Liverpool counted up how much each Liverpool University sports teams raised which totalled to over £25,000 over the course of the month, so it’s safe to say any embarrassment you felt walking around the SJ sporting a few strands of hair on your upper-lip was well worth it. Every team went above and beyond just facial hair this month to raise money.

Athletics and Cross Country: £1,413

The Athletics and Cross Country society raised over £1,000 and throughout the course of the month each member aimed to run 60km in honour of the 60 men who are lost to suicide every hour across the world.

Badminton: £144

As well as running 60km during the month, the society also hosted a Movember bingo night and a charity dodgeball game.


 Basketball: £428


Canoe Club: £932

The Liverpool university Canoe Club smashed their target of £500 and joined in running 60km throughout November

Cricket: £5,905

The cricket society as well as running a total of 2,691km, took part in a 24-hour cricket match, a “wet sponge the committee” event and a Movember raffle. The proceeds will be split 50/50 between Movember charities and ‘Opening Up’ a charity which promotes mental wellbeing and suicide prevention through cricket.

Cycling: £137

Football: £2,519

As well as raising over £2,000, the football team kept us updated on their moustache ‘progress’ throughout the month ranging from full blown facial hair to a few solitary strands of hair.

Hockey: £1,845

The men and women’s hockey teams completed a 24-hour rowathon, a running race between three of the club’s teams and a mixed tournament.

Korfball: £536

Netball: £83

Instead of growing moustaches, each member was given the challenge of running 60km throughout the month.

Men’s Rugby League: £2,113

The society helped to keep the momentum going all month by sharing lots of updates of their team’s new facial hair.

Men’s Rugby Union: £7,481

Following on from last year’s success the Men’s Rugby Union raised another massive amount.

Sailing: £100

LivSnow: £130

Liverpool Snow society were another society that provided us with lots of interesting updates of their team’s moustache efforts.

Strength and conditioning: £166

Tennis: £124

The society hosted an Olympic themed charity tennis tournament to raise money.

Waterpolo: £1113

The waterpolo society helped to raise over £1000 during the course of the month.


Although November may have come to an end, starting the conversation about mental health doesn’t stop there. If you feel as though you are struggling there are lots of resources out there to help, for local support in Liverpool click here, click here for the Samaritans helpline and for advice on how to look after your mental health during the pandemic click here.