Liverpool students tell us their biggest dating ‘icks’

Note to self: Don’t tell people you write for The Tab

Unless you’ve somehow managed to steer clear of TikTok this past year, everyone is familiar with the concept of an ‘ick’: That one thing the person you’re talking to or dating can do that makes you re-evaluate the entire relationship.

One of the things to entertain us over the course of the past three lockdowns has been to laugh at just how specific and random some of these icks are, from thinking of them picking out a meal deal to tying their shoelaces, there seems to be an abundance of everyday tasks a person can do that is enough to make you cringe.

So, we decided to ask the students of Liverpool what their biggest icks are on our Instagram, ranging from fairly reasonable to extremely niche:

When they have a northern accent

This is a question of personal preference, but there is nothing wrong with a northern accent. Arguably, this accent is the opposite of an ick, it’s incredibly fit.

When they use the monkey emoji or any other cringey emojis

Unpopular opinion, but sometimes there are sentiments that can only be expressed through the means of emojis. We’re all guilty of using the crying laughing face every once in a while, as long as it’s not after every single text.

When they don’t wear socks with shoes

From a hygiene point of view, this is quite a questionable choice especially if you’ve got a big night out planned.

If it’s for a quick trip to the shop or to put the bins out then we’ve all been there, grow up.

When they start a conversation, then don’t reply

Seriously though, what is the point of messaging someone only to then ghost them?

Even worse if you consistently message someone when you’ve had a drink then proceed to ignore that person the next day. Make your mind up, Jesus.

When they fancy you back

Is it really true that the chase is more fun than the actual relationship?

If it’s the right person, then them liking you back can only really be a good thing, right?


When they use the word ‘ick’

There really is no better way to describe the feeling though. That turn in your stomach when they do something that just immediately turns you off, it’s like your stomach is literally saying ‘ick’. Maybe if a suitable alternative came along we’d reconsider.

When they’ve been in more than one car accident

This is very random and specific. Unless you’re referring to them being bad at driving which maybe could be seen as an ick, I don’t really think people can help if they’ve been in a car accident or not.

When they’re into crystals, star signs, and manifesting

The only explanation is that a Gemini wrote this. Unless you base your entire personality off of your star sign, then there really is no harm in reading and keeping up to date with your horoscope.


Popular people who act like dicks and think they’re better than you

 No amount of popularity or status is an excuse to look down on other people, this is most definitely an ick. Actually, this is more than an ick, this is just being incredibly rude. Bin them off if they act like this.

When they only want to talk on Snapchat

Side-swiping, the expectation of nudes, and the ability to leave you on read in the harshest way possible- Snapchat is savage. I don’t want to spend 10 minutes taking a selfie to impress you, can we just text?

When a lad likes Oasis

This is a difficult one because those who base their entire personality off Oasis’s discovery are an absolute breed, but you’d rather an Oasis guy than a DnB guy any day.


‘I got told I gave someone the ick by saying they looked nice when they were hungover’

If someone is able to compliment you whilst you’re pale, covered in the previous night’s makeup and beer, then they’re most definitely a keeper. Chatting to someone and they ghost you after you call them pretty when they’re hungover? Onwards and upwards, you absolute dating gold dust.

When they have a southern accent

It really does depend on where you’re from, this is a never-ending debate that I feel will never be resolved. Do you want a Rah? Do you want someone who accurately calls the evening meal ‘tea’? It all comes down to preference I suppose.

When they write for The Tab

Finally, and perhaps the most controversial of them all, if we had £1 for every time we heard this, I don’t think we’d have to worry about getting a student loan. Sincerest apologies for providing you with daily news, memes, and polls.

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