Liverpool to host the UK’s first clubbing event on 30th April

Concert Square here we come!

Liverpool is set to be the first city in the UK to host large-scale events, in doing so, the government will be able to explore different ways to measure distancing, ventilation and testing ahead of the Prime Ministers’ roadmap out of lockdown.

Venues include the Hot Water Comedy Club at M&S Bank Arena, The Luna Cinema on the waterfront, The Good Business Festival and the nightclub Circus.

The scheme is part of a new scientific test ran by the government, called the Events Research Programme (ERP), and although tickets have yet to be announced, it will mean that 3,000 students in Liverpool will be able to experience the highs, lows and unpredictability of a Liverpool night out on 30th April.  

The scheme has announced the dates for the following pilots taking place in Liverpool:

• 16 April – Hot Water Comedy Club, Liverpool – 300 people (indoor seated)

23-25 April – Luna Outdoor Cinema, Liverpool – 1,000 people (outdoor seated)

• 28 April – Business Event, Liverpool – 1,000 people (indoor, seated and mixing)

• 30 April – Circus Nightclub, Liverpool – circa 3,000 people (indoor club night)

As part of the scheme, attendees will be required to produce a negative coronavirus test before entering, and will also be required to take one before leaving too. Although attendees will not be required to have a “Covid Passport”.  

Iain Buchan, Executive Dean of the Institute of Population Health at the University of Liverpool, told Liverpool Echo, “Liverpool is uniquely placed to research safer reopening of events with the right mix of public health research and services and a remarkable community spirit for helping society recover from COVID-19, with care and togetherness”.

“Events are an important part of the wellbeing, social fabric and economies of communities, and stopping them creates harms as well as COVID-19”.

Details on how to sign up for the scheme will be released soon.

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