A handy guide to Liverpool’s best running spots

Because you’re 100 per cent going to stick with it this time, aren’t you?

With gyms shut, pubs shut and lectures online, you’re probably in the same position as everyone else. Stuck inside on an uncomfortable desk chair hoping second semester will see you back in the Raz and, if your healthy New Year’s resolutions work out, you’ll somehow find yourself back in the gym. Unfortunately, between then and now, there isn’t a lot to do other than walk around ASDA every now and then. 

One thing that doesn’t require you to socially distance, or wear a mask, is running. While you might experience more wind and rain now than what you did during your 5 km run on Instagram in March, Liverpool has a wide range of running spots: From the Docks to Sefton, we have you covered. So, if you’re looking to start out on a one km jog or beat your 10 km record, here are five of the best running spots in Liverpool.   

Sefton Park 

Probably one of the most well-known running spots for the students of Liverpool, being so close to Smithdown and Greenbank halls it’s easy to see why. The park has a running path all the way around and has additional street lighting, which is great now that the nights are drawing in. A full lap around the perimeter of Sefton is about 5 km, but by using the main pathways within the park it is easy to reduce the length of the run to a more comfortable pace. 

Princess Park 

Best suited for Georgian Quarter residents, Princess Park is the lesser-known, younger brother of Sefton. Due to its slightly smaller size and being a little less popular than Sefton, you’re probably never going to run into any of your friends or course mates. However, Princess Park is a little bit smaller than Sefton so this might be a better option for those of you who are just starting out.  

Photo via Instagram @mikescaptures

Pier Head to Otterspool  

You might be unfamiliar with these two names, however, if you start at the Liver Building (as any true Liverpool student should have heard of by now) and head left, along the coastal path, you’ll find yourself on a flat coastal path, right by the river. The path is well lit, about 7.5 km long, and will take you to the Otterspool promenade. The constant breeze from the Mersey will definitetly wake you up on any morning and the flat path means no dodging in and out of cars.  

Photo via Instagram @liverpoolshots

Around Campus  

For those of you brave enough to face running into Lectures and half your mate’s, a complete lap of campus is about 3 Km. This would be if you ran along Grove Street, Mrytle Street, up Mulberry Street, up  Great Newton Street and along Pembroke Place. This route is more than ideal for anyone living in Halls and conveniently misses Brownlow Hill.  

Everton Park  

To the brave souls living in Kenny, Everton Park is a great option for anyone looking to get out and about this lockdown. Most famous for its view across the city, Everton Park has a variety of paths to try and is even better for securing the perfect photo for your Snap storey (but let’s be real, you also just need to find a way to escape Kenny for half an hour). 

Photo via Instagram @friendsofevertonpark

Whether you’re heading out for a run, walk, or just trying to clear your head somehow to cope with this insane workload- you’re very welcome.

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