The top body positive TikTok accounts you need to follow

It’s 2021, love the skin you’re in

We’ve seen the toxic skinny challenges, the recipes for surviving on ‘flat tummy smoothies’ and the brutal fatphobic comments on posts of girls wearing crop tops, but it has to stop. And we’re not the only ones who think so, there’s a growing collection of body-positive creators who are promoting nothing less than self-love, and these are our top picks.

The pandemic took so much away from us all and, if anything, it has to have taught us not to waste time sweating over the small stuff. As the gyms reopen and everyone starts posting about getting a bikini body, let’s remember that our bodies (and any lockdown weight changes) are not evidence of our imperfections- our bodies have actually carried us through this past year

With plenty of us feeling our insecurities emerging as the weather gets warmer, it’s time you switch up your TikTok feed and follow accounts tailored to helping you realise your body doesn’t need to exist as a specific shape- your body is yours. To save you the time on searching through endless but fantastic body positivity hashtags, we’ve created a list for you to check them out ASAP:

Pohelette Perez, @peachnspicee

This creator has over 115k followers and her bio is simply “I ap-peach-iate all of you”.

Pohelette rocks a crop top like no one’s business and refuses to apologise for it, giving her followers daily reminders that body shape doesn’t equal worth and we should stop letting society police our clothing.

Her plus-size outfit posts have over 50k views and her eye shadow is fire. Enough said.

Monica Starck, @monica_the_dietitian2be

Monica is a grad student and ‘dietetic intern’ whose aim is to help her followers make peace with food.

As someone who has recovered from binge-eating disorder, she’s in a great position to support others who struggle through their relationship with food. Her videos include guides to feeling hunger and fullness cues, repairing your body image, and responding to yourself with kindness instead of criticism.

She already has 140k followers and posts daily with reliable feel-good content. We love to see it.

Tyler Tippett, @tylershealthylife

His bio reads “you deserve the world”, and what else can we say but immaculate vibes?

Via Instagram @tylertippett_

Tyler believes that self-care is a necessity, that mental health is key to physical health, and that we should be defined by more than a number on a scale.

After losing 100lbs in a year, he addresses things like loose skin and the importance of breathing, as well as the healing power of “dancing it out.”

However, his mirror pep talks are the real highlight, as he reminds his 62.k followers that their bodies are fabulous.

Meg Boggs, @meg.boggs

With over 750k followers, this account is popular for being where plus-size meets athlete.

It’s not a common combination to find on our socials, but this woman can do things I’ve only ever seen attempted by the hardcore gym-goers in the UoL fitness centre.

Meg is the ultimate evidence that body size doesn’t equate to strength, she can squat a scary amount of weight and her core exercises are very hard. Keep up if you can.

Mik Zazon, @mikkzazon

Mik just posted about hitting a three-year milestone in her recovery from an eating disorder and we are here for it.

Not only does Mik talk about unrealistic standards for bodies, but also the reality of textured or marked skin that we so rarely see on social media. She also appeared in the news for calling out the Skims shapewear sizing, legendary behaviour.

‘Normalise normal bodies’ is the campaign that this creator is trailblazing on, and boy is that one needed campaign.

Bri Scalesse, @briscalesse

This NYC based model is a disability advocate, creating content from her wheelchair from ‘a day in the life’ videos to sneak peeks of fashion shoots and OOTD picks.

She believes that representation is power, and her 439k followers seem to agree, plus her modelling pictures are pretty enough on their own to inspire a follow.

Featured image credit via Instagram @Meg.boggs, @Tylertippett_, and @Briscalesse.

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