You can get fined £3,200 for not wearing a mask on campus

The same goes for hosting or attending a gathering

The UoL student news page has revealed how much students could get fined for hosting illegal house parties and not wearing a mask around the university.

The article, titled “Tougher fines to crack down on illegal gatherings”, updates students on the powers police have to fine anyone. It reveals that anyone who either hosts or helps to host a gathering of more than 30 people could face a hefty police fine of up to £10,000.

“Illegal gatherings” include raves, house parties, and any “unlawful music event”, meaning first years are in for what is possibly the worst Freshers’ on record.

It isn’t just the hosts or bystanders who get punished: Even turning up to an illegal gathering can get you a £100 police fine too. If you’re either unable or unwilling to pay up, then the university will keep adding to the amount until your fine reaches the mighty £3,200 maximum.


The blog explains how police fines will be issued. It says: “Fines of £100 can also be issued to those who participate in illegal gatherings, including unlicensed music events and large-scale parties. Those who have already received a fine will see the amount of doubled on each offence, up to a maximum of £3,200.”

The post stresses that moving into a new residence can “understandably feel like a reason to celebrate”, but continues to say how crucial social distancing is right now.

The introduction of new safety precautions welcomes new opportunities to lose even more money: The blog post adds “fines for not wearing face coverings where required will also increase for repeat offences, starting at £100 and doubling to a maximum of £3,200.” If you’re this far into the pandemic and still refusing to wear a mask then maybe reconsider your attitude before your bank statement forces you to do so.

There are places around campus marked as “COVID secure” which show where the new safety measures are being implemented, but if you think safety measures start and end wherever these labels are then please educate yourself on how not to catch coronavirus so we won’t have another lockdown, please.

Whether you’re planning on glugging down that sickly Echo Falls in Crown Place or scraping just enough for some Aldi vodka for a good time in Smithdown, consider both your poor bank account and the students around you who could do without a second lockdown.

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