Pryzm’s owner says club security will keep people apart to enforce social distancing

The bouncers are going to be cock-blocking

Przym’s owner, Peter Marks, has announced the club’s plans for how it will operate when they are allowed to re-open.

They will include temperature checks and having security walking around the club separating people to enforce social distancing. That’s going to make it rather difficult to find a one night stand.

Peter said: “We will temperature check people, we can do track and trace 100 per cent because we have security, we can have people walking around keeping people apart.

“We think, with other protocols that we’re working with scientists on right now, we can come back as safely as any other part of hospitality.”

Peter Marks is the Chief Executive of The Deltic Group which owns Pryzm, Oceana and Atik and he says it’s “illogical” for clubs to not be allowed to reopen when they face the same challenges as bars.

He said: “We always accepted that we were going to be last back, but we do think that it’s driven by PR. We shouldn’t be shutting a sector down, we should be keeping things local.”

Dr. Hillary on Good Morning Britain said reopening clubs would increase infections of coronavirus and Turkey reopening their clubs is “driving” the pandemic.

He said: “In Turkey, bars, restaurants and nightclubs, which are still closed in this country, are definitely driving this pandemic.

“If you put a lot of people, shouting and screaming, in an environment like that, unfortunately that’s how you’re going to transmit this virus.”

So no chance of a snog in the smoking area then?

Featured image credit: JJ’s Coventry

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