Naked Attraction is looking for a Liverpool student to appear on the show

Can’t disappoint the parents any more so why not?!

You know that show where people get naked on TV to try and get a date with someone? You know, the one that most people respond to your enthusiasm by saying “omg, I’d literally die if I went on that show haha.” Well, the time has come for you to show how crazy you are compared to your boring mates by applying for Naked Attraction now.

Naked Attraction has announced they are looking for participants for the next season of their Channel 4 show and they want Liverpool students to feature in it.

This dating game show is basically a really savage Tinder: you, a singleton, have a choice of six singletons in front of you and you eliminate who you’re not attracted to until two are left. Thing is, those singletons are completely naked and reveal their bodies from their feet up for you to have an oggle at and judge. If you hate someone’s shins, you eliminate them, if you’re a fan of shaved dicks, you get rid of the ones who don’t quite fulfil this expectation. Absolutely nothing is blurred on this show, so if you’re a bit of a prude then maybe stay clear.


A casting producer posted on the Overheard at University of Liverpool Facebook group calling for students to apply via contacting her on Facebook to get onto the show: “Hi Liverpool! I’m casting for the hit CH4 show Naked Attraction. Whose confident enough to apply + land themselves a date? Dm me!”

Anyone who wants to take part should fill in the form found here which is a pretty short form and just asks you why you want to be on the show (to find true love, duh).

Naked Attraction’s producer told The Tab: “Naked attraction is looking for bold, brave and unafraid people to bare all in the name of finding love.”

If you reckon you’ve got what it takes then get clicking and stripping!

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