Loved up looks to wear on a Valentine’s Day date in Liverpool

Get ready for a night with your guys, gals or pals

We all want to look a 10/10 on Valentine's Day, whoever you're spending it with. Hopefully this will give you a heads up on the best things to wear this February 14th.

1. A quirky casual vibe

You really can't beat a nice top with a pair of blue jeans and a belt, can you? If you're a causal gal but want to take it to the next level this Valentine's Day, this is simply the outfit for you. Perfect for spending the day with bae at Ghetto Golf or a wander round town before a loved up lunch on Bold Street!

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The cute but casual option

2. Dinner with that someone special

Finding the perfect outfit can be a task and a half, especially when bae doesn't even notice. Nevertheless, this effortless last minute look is something that we can all relate to. Whether you're hitting the docks for some food or heading for drinks on Lark Lane, this look is simple and cute. Just make sure if you do opt for anything white, don't spill your food down yourself.

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Clueless chic.

3. Galentine's Day outfit

Looking for a Valentine is soooo last year, it's all about the Galentine. A floral top with a skirt is the perfect casual combination for meeting up at the Baltic Market for a gin and halloumi fries or watching a movie at The Odeon, Fact or the Everyman (and don't forget the Wagamama's afterwards)!

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Floral fab

4. Fancy dinner date outfit

If you're doing Valentine's Day in a big way this year, then you can't go wrong with a little black dress or a floral tea dress. Match either with a long coat or a blazer and a killer pair of boots. An outfit like this will have your other half begging to skip dessert and whisk you away back the theirs on the 86. So romantic.

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The dressy one

5. Concert Square chic

If the highlight of your Valentine's Day is to go out clubbing, props to you! This outfit is great for Valentine's as you can drink and eat as much as you want without feeling uncomfortable! Plus, you never know, despite making a fool of yourself in your drunken state at Baa Bar or whichever club you end up going too, you could actually pull!! If that's the case, Valentine's Day won't have been wasted, if you can remember it the next day.

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The comfortable, easy-to-dance in outfit

These five outfits are just an idea of what you might wear on Valentine's Day. It doesn't matter if you're single or all loved up but whatever you do wear, wear it with pride. You never know, your crush might be watching you!