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Every group chat you’ll find at University of Liverpool

Don’t pretend that you haven’t muted this convo

Ah group chats, whether it be on Facebook, iMessage or Whatsapp, you simply can't avoid being part of one during your time as a student. However, as fun as they all initially sound, you know that if you even open some of these long-forgotten discussions, you'll be cringing more than when you viewed last night's alcohol-fueled Snapchat story.

The first-year accommodation chat

There was so much anticipation as you excitedly discussed and judged each other’s courses, and how you were defo gonna have the ‘maddest pres’ in the whole of your block. But a few months have passed, you barely notice each other in the communal area, so your only communication is sending a rant about the endless pans left in the sink and who on earth stole your bloody yogurts.

The whole accommodation chat

No I do not have a dealer’s number, no I do not want to go to Block Party the night before my exam and I definitely do not want to shag your drunk mate. Ever.

The second/third year house chat

Similar to first year, except you know each other better, so more direct insults are thrown for the festering pizza in the fridge. Promise it's just out of love though.

A secret chat made up of just girls/a small amount of your friendship group

The guys just won’t understand when you’re bitching about the girl you dislike’s Instagram post (or anything she does really). Only other time it’s relevant is for outfit advice.

The course chat

Also so full of promise, albeit with a bit of narcissism (we don’t care that you just loooove John Cooper Clarke), but now it’s just full of panic and the odd person who gives no shits about the course and expects you to send notes for every lecture they didn’t attend.

The seminar chat

*tumbleweed*… So, er, will we get away with not reading the books?

A chat you discovered just before uni but realised you have nothing in common with anymore

“Omg, I can’t wait for us to be besties” roughly translates as “I’ll walk past you in Abercromby Square and you’ll never feel more awkward in your entire time at uni. Even seeing your slightly gross Heebies one-night stand on campus would be more pleasant”.

A chat for pres that never equates to anything

Just don’t commit yourself to that beer pong team, you know you’ll never step foot in their E block party in your life. Boring.

A chat for pres that does equate to something

“Raz Monday guys?” “Yeah mate sounds good, pres at mine?” “9?” “Sweet, see you then.” You don’t even need the allure of beer pong or other highly overrated drinking games to get you there – you know it'll be alright on the night.

A chat with your nearest and dearest that gives you the light in your life

In-between all the chats you don’t give a crap about that you just can’t bring yourself to leave in case some drama happens (chances are it won’t, but you live in hope), this beacon of hope stands strong, where inside jokes are shared quicker than memes you daren’t actually share on your wall in case your family sees. These are your friends for life, and when you’re not giggling with them in the SJ, you know you can always turn to them online. Except when Eduroam is down.