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A cat cafe is coming to Liverpool next year

The purrfect way to de-stress

The cat cafe has become a mild phenomenon in recent times, with students from cities such as Manchester, Newcastle and Nottingham updating their Instagrams with an array of kitties. We won't be missing out for too much longer though, as Liverpool is set to get their own in Spring 2018.

The premise is simple: instead of paying your entry or for each coffee you buy, you pay for your time spent. So if you only have a few minutes cuddle time before your next lecture, or wanna spend the whole day with the cats, you'll be charged accordingly. It's like a Starbucks with added cuteness, which is a win-win situation.

Don't tell him x

The cats live in the cafe full-time, so you can check on your fave next time you visit. There's toys on offer for you to tempt them with, or they may just appreciate a belly rub or two. As long as you're not disturbing the sleeping kitties, you're in for a good time without any scratches or evil glares.

Although the location hasn't been disclosed yet, we know we'll be heading down there to avoid deadlines and exam worry.

With the pug cafe arriving on the 20th January too, don't say Liverpool don't spoil you when you're missing your furry friends back home.