Rooms with a view: sights from Liverpool’s bedroom windows

What an adorable brick wall


Ideally, we’d all like a lush view from our bedroom window. Whether you see cityscapes that illuminate at night, scenic natural areas, or brick walls, your view is something you’re going to be stuck with for the rest of the academic year. Some are beautiful, others unique or rustic, and a few are utter shite.

Perhaps you’re looking for a room with a good view for next year, maybe you want to vent jealousy at other student’s lucky picks, or you could just want to laugh at ones that are worse than yours. Sometimes you just need to take a breather and daydream out of other people’s window as if you’re in a mushy music video, or simply watch the world go by for some respite from the stressful life of university. I sometimes browse on sites like for ridiculously good looking windows. I have a thing for them I know, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Crown Place

A royal view of campus. Yes, someone really does have this view.

Liverpool Cathedral

An amazing night-time scene of the Liverpool Cathedral in all of it’s gothic glory.

Philharmonic Halls

A never-ending wall. Does it end? We will never know.

Hartington Road, Smithdown

Strangely scenic, a friendly daily reminder of your mortality

Capital Gate

Perfect if you wanna practice counting bricks

Hall Lane

You can just about see the Radio City tower in the distance, far right.  It counts.

Vine court

Look, trees.


Wood Street


An open view from this cool flat

St Bride Street

When you’re promised ‘cathedral views’

Carnatic Halls

A lovely view of some bins. At least there are trees, though…

Borrowdale Road, Smithdown

Awe inspiring.

Greenbank halls

Refreshing and green, a good contrast to the concrete jungle. A pic worthy of tumblr fame.